Resistenza Tour

Hello Everyone!

We will be on tour through Italy the upcoming Easter weekend. On our way we‘re going to stop by in St. Gallen (CH) to play a show with Obstrusive. The following three days we will travel through northern Italy and play shows in Turino, Rovato and Valenza.

We look forward to seeing you on the following dates and want to thank all the promoters for making this possible!

Thursday 21st April 2011 – (CH) St. Gallen – Rümpeltum w/ Obtrusive

Friday 22nd April 2011 – (I) Turino – C.S.O.A. Askatasuna w/ Gavroche, D.C.P., 501

Saturday 23rd April 2011 – (I) Rovato – C.S. 28 Maggio w/ Senza Frontiere, Assalto, Mattiva Reputazione

Sunday 24th April 2011 – (I) Valenza – C.S.A. La Candona w/ Cervelli Stanki, Il Complesso, Senza Frontiere