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Tour de France

On the upcoming friday we‘ll kick off our tour throughout France. Dijon will be the first stop where we share the stage with Besthöven, Kontatto and Noia at the Tanneries. Followed by a gig with the Red Howlers at the O‘Bundies in Marseille, down south. Tuesday night we‘ll be back in Limoges rocking the Zic Zinc with an awesome band called The Members. A gig at the Heretic Club in Bourdeaux will follow on Thursday, where we will be performing with The Rookies. In Reims we‘re looking forward to meeting our friends of Contingent Anonyme and playing a show with them at the L‘Appart CafĂ© on Friday.
We‘re honoured to finish our tour in Nancy where we get on stage with our damn good friends of Streets Of Rage and District.

Please visit this page to get an overview of all the shows.

We want to thank all the organisers for making this trip possible and we‘re looking forward to meet a whole lot of new friends.

Enraged Minority