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Stellungsnahme zum Konzertabbruch am 11.11.2011 in der KTS in Freiburg:

Zunächst einmal wollen wir uns bei den zahlreichen Leuten entschuldigen, welche wegen uns und/oder The Maladroits in die KTS nach Freiburg gekommen sind. Wir werden das Konzert in einer anderen Location in Freiburg zeitnah nachholen.

Was ist geschehen? (mehr…)

We remember Ivan Khurtoskoy!

Today is his second day of death. The antifascist Ivan Khurtoskoy was killed by fascists on 16.11.2009 in Moscow.

He will forever stay in our hearts and forever in our fights.

R.I.P. Ivan

11.11.11: Punkrock not marriage!

Hi everyone,

We wanted to share a few words after two really exciting shows last weekend. First of all we wanted to give a big thank you to the whole crew of the Siempre Antifa Festival in Berlin. We had an awesome night at this well organized festival, met a lot of cool people and enjoyed the time in the legendary SO36 and at the aftershow in the Tommy Haus.
The following day we shared the stage with our good friends of Streets Of Rage and Los Fastidios at the 10 year anniversary of the Esperanza in Schwäbisch Gmünd. There we again met a lot of old and new friends from many different cities like Marseille, Nancy, Metz, Nürnberg, and many more.
Thanks again to the promoters of both shows.

For all the people who missed these two shows, tomorrow we‘ll be playing at the KTS in Freiburg with our dudes from The Maladroits and a band called Zweckentfremdung.

The upcoming week we‘ll enter the studio to record two brand new songs for a 7″ split release with Streets Of Rage. The release date will be pretty soon.

See you all on the road,
Enraged Minority