Archiv für März 2012

Rastatt coming up next

although the „Gold Strike“ in the Soap Box Club tried to kill us, we survived another great weekend. Very special thanks to the Nancy Crew, Conflict Maestria (great band!), the Ypres Crew SHARP Westside and the great bands Fabulous Bastards and Working Class! Thank you!
This saturday we‘ll enter the stage in the Art Canrobert in Rastatt with the Rancors and Ashpipe.
By the way: Our debut album is sold out now! Try your luck in some mailorders if you want to have a copy.
See you around!

Nancy & Ypres

this weekend we‘re gonna destroy the Soap Box Club in Nancy and the „Love Music Hate Racism Festival III“ at the Vort‘n'Vis in Ypers. We‘ll come around with a bunch of brand new songs!

Enraged Minority scarf!

The brand new Enraged Minority scarf has just arrived!
The same design on both sides (one side red, the other black)
Size: 160 cm x 17 cm – excellent quality!
Available from now on!