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News, news, news…

Hello everybody,
we have some news for you: This friday we‘re heading east! Nine days, seven gigs, five different countries – these are the facts. But it’s more than this: Meet good friends, hoist some brews with them and having a great time!

28.09.12 – (CZ) Prague – Café Na Pul Cesty + Wasted Youth
29.09.12 – (D) Leipzig – RASH Meeting + Wasted Youth, Notgemeinschaft Peter Pan
30.09.12 – (PL) Gliwice – CKN 13 + Her Last Train Derailed
02.10.12 – (HU) Budapest – Trafik Klub + Akroprolis, Garbage Land
03.10.12 – (SRB) Novi Sad – CK 13 + Fiscalni Racun
05.10.12 – (SRB) Zrenjanin – Antifa Festival + Brickheads, Chupakavlas,…
06.10.12 – (HU) Csongrád – Kiosz + Rodeo, Húz‘ntróger

To everyone who’s not on tour: block the nazis in Göppingen!!! [read more]


Beside this tour you can find a new interview in the brandnew issue of the German redskinzine ‚‘Commi Bastard“ #12:

Enraged Minority aus Rheinfelden sind eine „wütende Minderheit“ der man gern sein Ohr leiht. Zumindest, wenn man wie ich auf guten Punk Rock mit kämpferischen, linksgerichteten Texten steht. Da es an Redskinbands in Deutschland ja nicht gerade wimmelt, bin ich fast selbst überrascht, das es so lange gedauert hat, das sie hier in mein Heft gefunden haben. [read more]


As you might know the split-EP „No Borders For Rude Rockers“ with our good friends of Streets Of Rage is available since a few weeks. Now the first reviews for this 7-inch have reached us. You can read them here: *click*


Our debut album is available again! Our former label Diffidati Records have found a small number of copies while clearing out the office. These are definitely the last CDs we get. So this time for real: use your chance to get our debut album.


And last but not least: ENRAGED MINORITY was founded in autumn 2007. Now in autumn 2012 the band exists for five years! That’s a good reason for us to party! We‘re having a great event on saturday 24th November in Freiburg. Beside us our friends of THE OPPRESSED, THE MALADROITS and STREETS OF RAGE will enter the stage. Don‘t miss this event!