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Here we go,
this is the cover of our new album „ANTITUDE“. It was released in February 2014 on Mad Butcher Rec., Redstar73 Rec. and Casual Rec. as CD, LP and Digital Download.
Visit our Bandcamp Page for listening.

2013 – A retrospective

Sometimes less is more.
While we only played eleven shows in 2013, we did remove some blank spots on the European map by going to Barcelona and Madrid in February as well as to Moscow and Saint Petersburg in July. These were definitely absolute fantastic experiences!
Because our former drummer Daniel quit in December 2012, we needed some time to find a suitable successor for this job. Luckily Oli, a good friend of us, picked up the sticks for a few weeks and helped us out by playing a couple of concerts including our 100th live show and the trip to the Spanish State.
In May we finally played the first show with our new drummer Jakob. In the following months we were busy with writing news songs and preparing ourselves to record our second full length album. Then, on the first weekend of November we finally recorded 12 songs in only three days.
See you in 2014!

Record Release Show!

Maybe you know that we know how to party?!
On Saturday 22nd February 2014 we will wet our new baby’s head and have a wild party at the White Rabbit Club in Freiburg.
And because we‘d like to have some friends with us celebrating this event we invited the legendary Moscow Death Brigade, our best friends The Maladroits and the great Artificial Eyes from Stuttgart.

Come around brothers and sisters!


Live in Freiburg

Our live-split album with The Oppressed is out now on LP, CD and Digital Download. Big thanks to Mad Butcher Rec., My Angry Little Mut Rec., Casual Rec. and Radikal Rec.!
Get in contact with us to offer one of these!

Interview in Frei-E-Bürger

here we have our interview in the street newspaper „FREIE-E-BÜRGER“ from Freiburg. By the way on the same page there is an advertisment for the Alcoholics Anonymous :)

So. Jetzt sitzen sie vor mir. Drei Bandmitglieder der freiburger Band Enraged Minority: Daniel, der „Gott sei Dank NUR“ singt, Adrian spielt „leider“ nur die Gitarre und übernimmt den Backgroundgesang und Niklas der den „grundsoliden“ Bass spielt. Jakob, von der Lohnarbeit geknebelt, kann gerade deswegen tragischerweise nicht anwesend sein und haut normalerweise auf dem Schlagzeug rum. [read more]