Live in Freiburg

Our live-split album with The Oppressed is out now on LP, CD and Digital Download. Big thanks to Mad Butcher Rec., My Angry Little Mut Rec., Casual Rec. and Radikal Rec.!
Get in contact with us to offer one of these!

Interview in Frei-E-Bürger

here we have our interview in the street newspaper „FREIE-E-BÜRGER“ from Freiburg. By the way on the same page there is an advertisment for the Alcoholics Anonymous :)

So. Jetzt sitzen sie vor mir. Drei Bandmitglieder der freiburger Band Enraged Minority: Daniel, der „Gott sei Dank NUR“ singt, Adrian spielt „leider“ nur die Gitarre und übernimmt den Backgroundgesang und Niklas der den „grundsoliden“ Bass spielt. Jakob, von der Lohnarbeit geknebelt, kann gerade deswegen tragischerweise nicht anwesend sein und haut normalerweise auf dem Schlagzeug rum. [read more]

Last shows for 2013!

Finally we‘re hitting the road again:
On Friday in Metz with Alert, Streets Of Rage, and Blue Pigs Exist and on Saturday in Heilbronn with Pyro One at the opening party of the Soziale Zentrum Käthe
These two concerts will be the last shows for 2013.
But keep your eyes open, we have some great surprises for you..

Here we go! Russia this week!

добрый день,

these are the last copies of our debut album CDs. We‘ll take them all to Russia. This is the last chance for everyone who lives not in Russia to get a copy directly from us. Don‘t be shy and write us an e-mail if you want one of these.
We‘re really looking forward to our gigs in Moscow and Sankt Petersburg!
See you there!

No need for sunglasses!

Hello everybody,
in June 2010 we released our self titled debut album. Three years has passed since then and beside touring all over Europe, we also wrote some new songs for a new album. While everybody is chilling at a lake and enjoying the sun, we locked ourselves into our small and gloomy rehearsal room and work on demo recordings / pre-productions.
Enjoy the summer!